Friday, January 18, 2008

Day 5 - We made a difference ... and departures

Bart reports: WOW, what an experience this has been! From an extraordinary group of 19 individuals with little in common other than being Realtors (or connected to Realtors), and dedicated to making a difference for at least one family, we HAVE made a difference.

A tough day for those of us with a minor fright of high places! I spent almost the entire day on the roof installing shingles - a new experience for me (and a bit painful). JoAnn spent the day above as well, and Mary too before having to head for home. The rest of the group stuck to both feet on the ground installing siding and trim and such. Our little group became smaller during the afternoon as half of the group had returning flights. We missed them!

The remaining 10 of us trudged home later than normal and a bit more tired as well, but it's a good tired - the accomplishment tired.

Five of us ventured into the heart of the city to witness Mobile's Mardi Gras parade. It turns out that Mardi Gras began in Mobile, not New Orleans (did any of you know that?) The parade and excitement around it were fantastic. Streets filled with thousands of rowdy fans and lo and behold a young lady right beside me will be working on "our home" soon. She's a high school sophomore here in Mobile and will earn community service hours for her college applications - such a small world.

While downtown the bad news started - several members had flights canceled tomorrow due to stormy conditions throughout South. Working on getting new flights.

That's it for now - An incredible week with an incredible group of new friends working together on an incredible project. Who could ask for more!

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