Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Day 2 - If I Had a Hammer ...

Mary reports: We are no longer humming, "If I Had a Hammer". We do have them, and we've been pounding and pounding and pounding. Much has been accomplished today. We got the roof trusses up. First ones were very heavy; others just incredibly awkward to move and lift, but we got it done. No incidents except a ripped pair of jeans (Jeremy), a couple of splinters and Pete cut his hand. Jeremy was "the man" guiding the moving of the trusses and using the "Y" frames to help get them up on the roof.

We got the sheathing done all over the house and the fiberglass facing on the outside of that. The window holes came and went as the sheathing covered them up, then they were cut out, then the fiberglass covered them up again. Much of the roof sheathing was put in place also. I did ladder work but nothing up on the roof.

Our Habitat foreman tells us we're ahead of schedule. This is good, because it's supposed to rain tomorrow. They say the weather is tricky; so we should come out to the site as usual in case it's raining at the motel but not the site.

We're quite fired up and ready to work - and surely hope it doesn't rain us out. We're tired and sore but ready to go out to dinner as guests of the Alabama Association of REALTORS.

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