Sunday, January 13, 2008

Checking in at La Quinta

From Jeremy Payne: Just arrived at the lovely La Quinta. Other than the lobby being as hot as a sauna the facility seems nice. Carol Minnehan-Lee missed our connection in Atlanta and is now flying to Gulfport where Deb Marathon has graciously agreed to pick her up.

Mobile (so far) appears to be like any city ... lots of chain restaurants, big box stores, and 500 traffic lights along the way. They also have this incredibly unhelpful way of making right-hand turns...some require you to turn onto a carriage road before the actual right-hand turn. So, Mobile "rookies" like myself just pull up to the light where know we should be turning only to be faced with a "NO RIGHT TURN" sign. Oops.

Having dinner at O'Charley's with those already here; then, it's off to enjoy the spoils of Wal-Mart … to load up on liquid ibuprofen and the like.

Note: Jeremy Payne is the Government Affairs Director for MAR.

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epat said...

Hi from MDI!..Thanks for all that you are doing and for keeping us informed. I look forward to reading your future postings!Hope you have good weather this week and accomplish great things!