Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Day 3 - Notes from Road Warriors

Bart reports: Well 9 members of our illustrious group have completed the bonding process and assumed a new identity - "The Road Warriors"! Despite the disappointment in not getting to pound all those nails we have all come to love (and respect), we made the best of an extremely miserable, rainy day. It literally poured buckets most of the day here.

The Road Warriors - Steve Joy, Pete Wood, JoAnn Higgins, Mark & Paula Schoenthaler, Marsha Steinglass, Vicki Doudera, Callie Pecunies and yours truly set out to see what the south has to offer. By the end of the day we had covered nearly 200 miles stretching from Mobile to Biloxi, MS to Gulf Shores and back. It goes without saying what happens in Alabama (or Mississippi) stays there, but I can share we saw astounding results of Hurricane Katrina in Biloxi, checked out a casino (first time for a few), had a great lunch on the Bayou in MS, saw downtown Mobile by daylight, and trekked to Gulf Shores.

Not sure what the other 10 did today but sure we'll stack our day up as a Great day. We're safely tucked in and resting up for a FULL day tomorrow. It's safe to say we'll be back on task tomorrow and will all work hard at making up for lost time.

On a personal note, it's been terrific getting to know these fellow Realtors (plus 1 spouse). I'd never met several before this trip but wonderful respect for each of them - It's been great so far gang!! Until our next road trip let's get this house finished!!

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sejoy said...

We put "Mad Max" to shame with our trip to Biloxi to find the "Beaux Rivarge." The crew in the Steven's car found more empty foundations then gold coins but we ventured on to see the Alabama and Mississippi coastlines which are beautiful, even when deserted, because what fool would go to the beach when it is 45 degrees and the rain is blowing sideways.
The trip to "Lulu's" was a dream come true for Peter Wood as one parrot head even went so far as to seek out Jimmy Buffett's sister just to say he had been to her restaurant. We had quick margarita and then off to the next stop which was "Felix's." Great seafood and even better company as we all begin to bond like brothers and sisters. It doesn't mean we don't complain about one another but we accept each person for who they and move on.

The work: Demanding, The bonding: terrific, and the spiritual feeling of giving: PRICELESS!

Have to turn in so that I have enough energy to get back up on that roof to pound another million nails into the shingles that will be delivered tomorrow.

Steve Joy