Friday, January 18, 2008

Day 5 - Last Day and Meeting our Homeowner

Jeremy reports: Entire trip was very rewarding, from the general feeling of helping others to actually being able to do more around my own home. Met the homeowner today, a very warm young lady (and new mother) Natasha who was helping clean up around the home. She already met her 500 required hours to move into a Habitat home but there to help.

Worked on siding all day; and used a nail gun for 4-5 hours. The siding we put up was some kind of cement so a nail gun is the only thing that would penetrate it; and after a few early mishaps we really got the hang of it and were commended by the Habitat crew for accomplishing as much as we did. Unfortunately, one of those commending us was wearing a NY Yankees t-shirt. I think it's safe to say he regretted that decision.

Getting to meet and bond with a dozen or so new Realtors was great bonus I never counted on; and there's no question that a group of 19 people who are motivated and hard workers truly can accomplish a lot.

I think for all that we gave to Natasha, the experience provided us with so much more - learning about each other, learning how a home is built, learning how to work together, and maybe even learning that Alabamians (or whatever they call themselves) are willing to fry anything that will stay still long enough.

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