Thursday, January 3, 2008

14 Tips from CT President Ken

Connecticut Association of REALTORS President Ken Delvecchio met with the MAR team today to give tips from his visit as a Global Village team leader for Connecticut:

1. No crocs or sandals on the job site;
2. Bring 3 pairs of cheap work gloves;
3. Ensure bottled water, Gatorade, apples, oranges;
4. Plan on Advil;
5. Take time for reflection and endorphins;
6. Enjoy it - have fun each day;
7. Landscaping = hardest on backs;
8. "the black snakes aren't poisonous";
9. "there won't be tornadoes in January";
10. Expect it to be emotional journey;
11. "the red dirt is like concrete";
12. Don't wander (unless it's with him);
13. Plan for PR;
14. Appreciate what you have, and help those who have less.

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