Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Day 3 - Early Reflections on a Rainy Day

Bart reports: Day 3 finds us rained out. We went to the site but were set free to explore for the day. As can be expected with 19 Realtors much discussion about what to do and where to go today. With only 4 cars and 19 opinions -- well? We are settled and heading out in different directions shortly. Two cars, mine and Mark Schoenthaler's are headed over to the Gulf Coast in Mississippi for the morning to see other Katrina areas; two cars (Gail's and Jeremy's) are headed to Dauphin Island to explore. We're all meeting up for dinner at Lulu's (Jimmy Buffet's sister's bar/restaurant). Tomorrow we report for work earlier than normal to try to make up some time. Keeping fingers crossed that we don't get rained out again on Friday (60% chance right now).

JoAnn Higgins reports: It's raining cats and dogs outside. Everyday we make the drive to the site, I remember my family building our first home 32 years ago. We bought a Sherman home that was built for us in Glenburn. After work, we would drive out to see the progress. We don't know anything about our Habitat family, but they may be coming every day to be amazed and excited about our progress. Hope they won't mind the rain delay today, in light of our progress in the last two days. It certainly won't be like the delay my family experienced for nearly 2 weeks when our build reached deer season!

Note: Mark Schoenthaler is the president of the Mountains Council of REALTORS. JoAnn Higgins is a past president of the Bangor Board and currently on MAR's legislative committee.

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