Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Day 2 - "Fried, Stewed, and Nude"

Bart reports: Well another day has come and almost gone. We just came back from our dinner with the Alabama Association (3 of them) at Wintzell's Oyster House - "Fried, Stewed and Nude". Wonderful dinner with lots of new and interesting foods, good company and some laughs. The Alabama hospitality has been outstanding all along. Great end to a busy day.

Day 2 started off on the cool side again but rapidly warmed up. The predicted cloudy skies never materialized until the end of the day. Tomorrow calls for heavy rains - up to 2 inches, but we report for duty anyway and take it from there.

Today seemed to go just a little slower but I think it was because we were above our heads most of the day. Day 2 saw the roof trusses go up (all by hand), over 50% of the roof sheathing go on and most of the house was wrapped with lovely Lowe's gift wrapping (Tyvek or Typar actually). I had the pleasure of working with the Joannes today. Joanne Webber and I spent most of the morning on ladders installing tie-downs to the roof trusses and then the afternoon saw JoAnn Higgins and I cutting and passing the roof sheathing up to those above.

Gail, Patti and Paula became quite adapt at installing hurricane tiedowns. It should be noted they became quite proficient with power drills and wrenches!!

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