Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Day 3 - Needle rain and throwed rolls

Mary reports: We all suited up this morning dutifully, and were at the work site at 8 am. It was, as predicted, pouring down rain. I will spare the more squeamish of you the metaphor our foreman used to describe what the gorgeous paprika-red Alabama clay turns into when it's wet, but anyway, he gave us some suggestions for activities we might enjoy in the area since we couldn't work.

My group, consisting of Deb Marathon, Gail Rizzo, Sherry Gregory, Patti Lawton and myself chose to drive out to a spit of land which juts out into the gulf and saw some lovely multi-colored beach houses looking like wedding mints. We also saw some oil rigs, Fort Morgan, and photographed each other trying to stand upright in the gale force winds and rain which felt like needles when it hit our skin.

Having had enough of the wind and rain, we retired to Lambert's Cafe, a real experience. It's the home (for those out of the loop of high gustatorial experiences) of the "throwed rolls". It's a lively, friendly place with outstanding food and a thoroughly enjoyable way to spend an hour or two and gain another 6 or 8 pounds. The only accident of the day came when a misfired roll aimed at Gail, hit the lady in the booth behind us. They are not only delicious and a little hard to catch, but quite hot when you do.

Lambert's is full of flags from every state. You can imagine our delight when right inside the door we were greeted by the Maine state flag. Of course, we posed for a group photo under it.
After touring a quaint area of downtown known for its Italianate and Victorian architecture we began our search for a place to purchase Mardi Gras trinkets. Came away with beads, tiaras and various feathered things.

We're back in the motel now; settling in and resting up for tomorrow when we will have to play catch up for the day's work missed today.

OK, here's a challenge for you all. How many songs can you think of which have the word "Alabama" or "Mobile" in their title or lyrics? I'll be expecting some answers soon.


Kim said...

Ok, the only one I can think of is Sweet Home Alabama.

marciainmaine said...

How about "Alabama Boogie" and
"Alabama Jailhouse". tow more songs for your list!!

Mary K said...

I meant to give some answers to the challenge I put to the readers concerning song titles and lyrics with the word "Alabama" or "Mobile" in them.

They are, at this point:
1. Sweet Home Alabama
2. Blues in the Night (has "Mobile" in the lyrics)
3. Alabamy Bound
4. Goin' Mobile (This is an iffy one, but my son submitted it. He says it's a song by The Who.)
5. Stars Fell on Alabama
6. Oh, Susanna