Monday, January 14, 2008

Day 1 - the wrap-up

Bart report: The first day was a "rising" success with the entire floor plan almost completely enclosed. Amazing how a group of over 30 people can come together and accomplish so much. After some safety instructions, Habitat info, and a morning spiritual we started to build the house. After a rather chilly start, the sweatshirts soon started coming off - enough strong sunshine for some of us to manage to get a little sunburn. The Americorp kids are great and have a lot of adventures ahead of them in the remaining 8 months of their 10 month trip around the country. Tomorrow we raise a roof - long day ahead but sure to be most rewarding.

Patti report: Carol, Deb and I are in our "office", a room the motel is letting us use tonight to get online as our routers have apparently been stolen and we have no Internet access in our rooms! Had a wonderful day, there are so many of us here who actually know what they are doing and then a few of us (me) who wait to be told where to hammer .... but I guess it takes all kinds to build a house. Can't wait to see what we accomplish tomorrow.

Note: Patti Lawton is the 2008 president of MAR.

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