Monday, January 14, 2008

Day 1 - 500 nails (each) and pickled pigs lips

Jeremy reports: Framed the entire house ... putting up walls, headers and studs. Then put sheathing on the outside of most of the house. All about keeping it level so windows and doors aren't crooked. Few minor "oh this is backwards" moments, however, those were due to mismarked materials not the inexperienced REALTOR crew!

The next big thing is the trusses on the roof. Long day, but good positive people on the job site. Including a dozen or so Americorps kids from around the country.

My car (Jo Ann Higgins, Joanne Webber, Mary Kuykendall, and Callie Pecunies) stopped at a little fruit market on the way home. In addition to the very fresh fruit, they had "pickled pig lips". No, this wasn't a Fear Factor or Survivor challenge, these were actually available to purchase.

Tiring day, but optimistic about the remainder of our stay. Dinner at O'Charley's tonight at 6pm (again). No major injuries or problems to report, save for the crampy hands that we're all experiencing due to pounding in approximately 500 nails each.

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epat said...

Jeremy..I found a recipe on line for pickled pigs lips served with "Cajun dirty rice". Is that on the menu at O'Charlie's ? :)
Also stumbled on a great recipe for pickled duck tongue! :( Hope you find a hambuger or pizza on the menu...Sounds like you're all going to need lots of protein to keep those muscles toned up! We are so proud of all of you! Many thanks!