Friday, January 18, 2008

Day 5 - Early morning reports

Bart reports: Good early morning all - Day 5 is here and we wrap up today. It appears to be sunny out there but on the cool side again. Rain predicted for late today with snow just an hour north of us. It will be the last push this morning for a number of our Team but the rest of us will stick it out to the end of the day. Not sure what exactly is on the agenda today but suspect it involves siding and roofing. This has been a truly worthwhile endeavor and a wonderful bonding session with my fellow dedicated Realtors.

Time to put on those boots with their red stained soles - amazing what this red dirt/mud does to you!!

Jeremy reports: Today we will continue to work on the roof, to include shingling and the like. About half our team from Maine is heading home today but still coming to the jobsite to help until the last possible minute. The Mobile Association hosted as us at their gorgeous building last night; and we were told the only way to "insult the cook is to not go up for seconds or thirds..."

Note: Bart Stevens is a REALTOR in Winslow and past treasurer of MAR. Jeremy Payne is Government Affairs Director for MAR.

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