Friday, January 11, 2008

Bama Bound ...

Jeremy has 40 work gloves. Carol reminds all to pack bathing suits in case aching muscles can find a hot tub. And JoAnn Higgins the first to leave ..

"I left Bangor this morning at 7:15 on the bus. Got to watch 'Hairspray' on way to Portland. Sat in the bus/train station for 3 hours. Thank goodness they have wi-fi, so kept busy doing two BPOs. The 12:50 train to Woburn got in late because the winter weather (rain!!!) knocked out the signals and they were being careful not to run into another train. Good thinking! Sunday I'll fly from Newark to Atlanta, where I'll meet the Hancock County group, and off to Mobile! I'm Alabamie bound! See ya there, gang."

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