Friday, April 11, 2008

Your Piece of Maine Launches

The "Your Piece of Maine" (YPOM) social media campaign launched today. Media announcements on April 15. Significant components:

1. Television commercial (put on your web site/blog too)
2. You Tube Contest - $20,000 grand prize
3. Facebook Group
4. LinkedIn Group
5. Print ads (coming)
6. Email blitz
7. Blog
8. Press Release
9. Palm cards distributed at events

How you can help:

1. Post the commercial on personal/company site and blog
2. Announce "Your Piece of Maine" You Tube contest to others
3. Make a YouTube video for the contest
4. Ask Maine notables you know to make a video for YouTube
5. Blog about it
6. Hand out cards /talk about contest at homes shows, meetings
7. Join the Facebook Group ... and invite others to Join
8. Join the LinkedIn Network
9. Ask local media to report on the contest

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