Friday, April 11, 2008

MAR Foundation selects competitive grant recipients

Sherry Gregory reports: The Maine Association of Realtors Foundation met on April 3 to determine the recipients of the Competitive Grant process. Applications from organizations across the state set forth their requests to help their cliental. 30 groups requested money this year. We distributed $49,700 to 16 different groups.

In past years, our income has allowed as much as $75,000 to be shared and we have had more applications. The committee scored each application with an eye to our mission as well as community involvement in each project and where the aid would make a difference. We felt very good about our decisions this year and are pleased that we can continue to help people leverage money across the entire state.

In attendance: (pictured) Carol Goodwin, Bill Darling, Executive Director Suzanne Guild, (not pictured) Barbara Coleman, Jim Cosgrove, Patty Eddy, George Greenwood, Sherry Gregory, Cindy Hiebert, Stephen Mooers, Trish Ohler, Mary Sherwood, Joe Wright and Debrah Yale. Not attending: Mark Walker & Ed Suslovic

Sherry Gregory (Homestead Realty, Winthrop) is Chairman of the MAR Foundation

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