Thursday, April 17, 2008

"You know how Mainers love their mulch ... "

Cindy Butts reports: A sign of Spring is the raffle prizes at today's Mid Coast Board / St. George River Council local membership meeting: car washes, rounds of golf, and mulch. To quote Council President Elect Mary Bumiller (Jaret & Cohn Real Estate, Rockland), "you know how Mainers love their mulch!"

Local membership meetings bring an opportunity to network and learn. For example, at today's one-hour lunch meeting:

1. Reminded recent changes to the MSHA loan programs. Sponsor will present info at office meeting - but 20 minutes can need 90 minutes; 2. Village Soup explained they started as local online news source, and branched into print too. Which is opposite of many news publications; 3. Decided approach to announce local open house info;

4. Announced upcoming courses on "Intro to Commercial Real Estate"; and free Code of Ethics courses; 5. Gave initial information about a September fundraising event; 6. Recognized Executive Officer Linda Davis for her continued assistance with the Board; 7. Collected funds for MARPAC (Maine Association of REALTORS Political Action Committee) - thank you REALTOR John Bragg for assistance; and 8. Received MAR Updates from MAR CEO Cindy Butts.

If you're not attending local membership meetings, think what you might be missing?

Pictured: John Bragg; Mary Bumiller with Linda Davis

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