Friday, March 21, 2008

What over 1,200 REALTORS saw this week ...

Sherry Gregory reports: "A large crowd attended the presentation by MREIS at the Augusta Civic Center today. Terry Fitzpatrick our long time rep of MarketLinx (our MLS vendor) was on hand to walk us through some of the new features that our MLS is providing at no additional charge. Highlighted the ability to have us develop client pages, agent web sites, virtual tours of our properties, ListHub access and other items all available at the touch of one 'BIG Button'.

No longer will people need to agonize over computer design. Technology has caught up with the techno-challenged! Of course you can always still screw it up but there are tutorials on line so that you can replay at your speed of learning. Great information and new tools to wow your buyer and seller clients. If you haven't attended, be sure to watch for future learning opportunities."

Sherry Gregory (Homestead Realty, Winthrop) is a past president of MAR and current chairman of the MAR Foundation

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Anonymous said...

HI - I was NOT impressed by the MREIS presentation in Portland. Sorry! The ballroom was too large a venue to see, let alone hear what was said. In addition, there were no handouts of any kind even an overview. I am a little perturbed by the use of the term Town Meeting,as being a native of this state, a town hall is where there is debate and discussion and a vote on whether or not something is to happen. These are no more than presentations on what someone else has decided and is informing those of us out here with little or no voice what has been decided. Sort of like the electronic lockboxes............Hopefully a better job will be done on making sure MREIS members are kept in the loop, and even consulted (now there is a novel idea!) prior to implementation and expenditure of dollars!

Next time, I recommend smaller venues for rollouts and presenattions that take into account the learning styles of all the attendees.

Happy Spring!

Jean-Marie Caterina