Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Promotion Logo

This is what you'll see in upcoming promotions for "Your Piece of Maine" which will launch mid-April with cable television commercials, a Facebook site, You Tube campaign, new consumer site, and social media effort. Today a group of REALTORS in the demographics of the campaign (35 and under) reviewed materials to ensure headed in right direction (note: they found things to fix.) Specific info will be available in early April including how you can participate with the campaign too.

Participating: Jenny Chop (Morton Real Estate, Brunswick), Michelle Flaherty (Prudential Northeast Properties, Westbrook), Lucas Adams (Adams Realty, South China), Jennika Lundy (Town & Country, REALTORS, Rockland) and Jeff Mateja (RE/MAX By the Bay, Portland)

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REALTOR Andrew Mooers said...

Make sure everything MAR posted, blogged, you tubed, podcast is postive, enthusiastic, passionate. We don't need any more round and round are "we in a recession, what is a recession, how long a recession waste of time crystal ball reviews of economy. What is happening in California not germane...we are in Maine remember? Real estate is way way more affordable, area is community minded and people are fewer and friendlier ..these are the themes to hammer away at. Common themes and all postive. All brokers, agents and office need to be beating same drum. These themes help their mental help and real estate savy to list, market, sell like they have always done but with new approach to be cost cautious on ad schedules and buys. New ways of promotion to explore that are more economical. Postive perception from MAR and postive propaganda the key. Concern if Portland area is a little slow...don't broad brush the state with one market snap shot. Maine is one big honking state! Brag up the hot areas so steady flow of postive information to make consumer feel good about buying. Buying NOW! Just a disclaimer like NAR that "all markets are different" does not cancel out damage of statements about how dire a market is for sellers.