Friday, March 21, 2008

Need to take safety precautions ...

This week a man in Wisconsin was arrested for murdering a REALTOR at a showing of a vacant property. He had apparently never been to the office before and she met him alone. In a letter to members the Wisconsin REALTORS Association relayed, "Do not let your guard down - your safety is primary!"

Sadly, several murders in Maine during the past decade have been REALTOR members and daughters of REALTORS - a devastating reminder that violent crime can happen in small communities, safe communities, and as people do ordinary daily things. Please ensure your office has specific safety procedures, take safety courses, and talk with your children about date rape drugs being put in drinks (often used prior to assault). Here's a safety video and safety materials from NAR.

In Memory:

Amy St. Laurent - pictured (daughter of REALTOR Diane Jenkins)
Ashley Ouellette - pictured (daughter of REALTORS Lise Oullette & Bob Ouellette/deceased)

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