Friday, February 29, 2008

We're listening

MAR and MREIS are listening ... Two Designated Broker and Manager Town Hall Forums were held in Portland and Bangor this week. Purpose: to review new programs before implementation, get feedback, and to allow time for companies and members to prepare for impact. Five Town Hall Forums for the general membership are being scheduled in March. No cost to attend. Ensure two-way communication. Participate!

Pictured: Ellis Cohn (Camden), Alan Peoples (South Portland), Richard Littlefield (Ogunquit)


Bill said...

I attended the DB Forum in Portland this week and was absolutely blown away by the changes and improvements coming to our Maine MLS and more unbelievable still, all at no additional cost to the members. The last 12 years I have been in real estate have certainly seen a lot of changes and technological advances but I really feel were on the precipice of even more significant achievements that will propel our industry forward. The features and tools presented at the DB were truly amazing and I can't wait for all my agents to have the opportunity to learn about them firsthand. Kudos to our new CEO Ken Duke, his staff, and the entire MREIS Board of Directors for all of their hard work on our behalf.

Anonymous said...

I have to echo Bill's comments; this ha been a long time coming. I too can not wait for my agents to begin reaping the benefits of the new programs MREIS is bringing onboard. The best part is that they have found a way to do this without increasing fees. My hat is off to ken Duke and his staff for being so forward thinking.