Saturday, February 9, 2008

More Media Coverage - Habitat Build

A Bangor Daily News article about the MAR Habitat Build, quotes Mary Kuykendall and JoAnn Higgins.

"Charity work is more rewarding when you physically take part in a project, Kuykendall said. While it was refreshing to help a family, the destruction of Hurricane Katrina is everywhere. There is no rubble cluttering the roadsides and most of the destroyed homes have been cleared away, but there is emptiness ... ‘The devastation,’ as they call it, is still very apparent ... There are driveways going off from the roads, but they lead to nothing."

A Village Soup article (1/29) quotes Marsha Steinglass, "In the end, all this work, camaraderie, sunshine and joy of life will bring a home to Natasha and her daughter ... The work of Habitat for Humanity, the Realtors on this build and the people of Maine who helped to make this trip happen all contributed to make this world a better place, a world where people care, give and act on behalf of one another."

Note: Click the Flickr icon on the blog to see 705 pictures from the Build.

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