Monday, February 4, 2008

Discussing Maine's federal real estate issues

Sherry reports: Today in DC, Maine's Federal Political Coordinators (Gail Rizzo for Sen. Snowe, Sherry Gregory for Sen. Collins and JoAnn Higgins for Congressman Michaud) and our MAR President Patti Lawton headed to Capitol Hill via the Metro. It was a quiet day in DC as the taxi cab drivers were on strike from 7am to 7pm.

Gail & JoAnn went to meet Sen. Snowe's staff to discuss our issues including raising the limits for FHA loans, GSE reform, appraisal/mortgage reform, strong concerns for flood insurance, natural disaster insurance, the perennial banks in real estate, and small business health coverage. Patti & Sherry headed to meet with Senator Collins and her staff - Priscilla Hanley, her health advisor, Jennifer Capricola, her housing advisor, and Clark Irwin, who deals with banking issues. We were so engaged in our conversation that we didn't take MAR's requested blog photo!

It was nice to have unrushed open communication. Some of our counterparts across the country do not get such direct communication with their Member of Congress.

MAR CEO Cindy Butts spent the day with the NAR Officers and staff, including NAR President Elect Charles McMillan from Texas; who also confirmed his willingness to fly from a convention in Hawaii to Maine to speak at the MAR Convention this October.

Note: Sherry Gregory is a REALTOR in Winthrop and Chairman of MAR's public policy committee

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