Monday, May 18, 2009

NAR Midyear Meetings - Days 5 & 6

Bart Stevens reports: Friday and Saturday found the few remaining Mainers busy with NAR governance meetings. Rita, Marc, Patti, Mike, Sharon, Cindy and Gail were all busy with New England Regional discussions, and the NAR Board of Directors meeting.

From MAR: Among other things, the NAR Board of Directors voted several changes to the composition of NAR committees, approved a monument commemorating the Federal Fair Housing Act to be placed in a very small National Park adjacent to the NAR building, approved $72K in legal action funds for 3 court cases, approved reimbursing 33 organizations for 1/3 of attorney fees spent on NAR's DOJ subpoenas (including MREIS), continued to support enforceability of pre-dispute agreements to resolve contract conflicts, adopted a new Standard of Practice (to Article 15) to include duty to publish clarification or removed statements by others on electronic media the REALTOR controls when learn its false or misleading, clarified Standard of Practice 3-2 for marking time when an offer of compensation is considered accepted, made MLS short sale language option for local discretion instead of must, and referred back to committee language related to indexing of IDX sites by search engines.

MAR's National Directors headed home in a variety of different directions - National, Dulles and Baltimore. Flying is so much fun these days!

Saturday found me [Bart] at CRS Budget & Finance. Like everyone these days, CRS is looking for ways to economize while maintaining the benefits of CRS membership. Afternoon was devoted to CRS Leadership updates and brainstorming regarding course changes for next year. Thanks to my MA counterpart, we got tickets to a great play; then had a late night dinner. Must admit 11 PM dining is not my bag.

Pictured: 2010 New England RVP Barbara Schmerzler (CT); 2009 RVP Bonnie Guevin (NH); State Presidents from NH, CT, RI, ME and VT.

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