Tuesday, May 12, 2009

NAR Midyear Meetings - Day 2

Bart Stevens reports: Another productive day. Sunny but chillier than I remember for DC this time of year. More Maine attendees arrived today. We had a wonderful dinner get together this evening at Cafe Paradiso (a Maine favorite for the past few years). Great chance to sit back, relax and chat with fellow Realtors - many of whom we see infrequently outside an event like this.

Several who arrived yesterday took part in the special NAR Housing Summit today. Since I was in day 2 of my Green Designation I wasn't able to attend but did here it was an interesting gathering. Perhaps someone else will be able to share more?

[Addition from MAR: the NAR Housing Summit included an announcement from HUD that the $8,000 tax credit can be used for FHA downpayment; a keynote by Alan Greenspan; and panels discussing potential solutions for housing recovery. A great event.]

I must share another interesting tidbit. Thrilling to me actually. It turns out Vice President Joe Biden was speaking to another group at the Hilton Washington (where my class was taking place). As we were breaking for lunch Biden was getting ready to leave the building and essentially no one was allowed in or out during his exit. Right place at the right time and without a camera, but lucky enough to get to shake hands with the VP!! Over in a flash though.

As for the Green class - I survived the exam - yippee! And in keeping with yesterday's "did you know"- Did you know 16 billion pounds of greenhouse gas could be eliminated each year just by placing every monitor in US homes in sleep mode when not in use? Did you know one ton of recycled paper will save 17 trees, 7,000 gallons of water and 60 pounds of air pollution? Any idea what "greenwashing" is? Outstanding class and I hope we can bring it to Maine in the not too distant future.

An NAR survey shows that more than 90% of recent homebuyers thought energy efficiency was an important consideration when searching for a home. We can't do it all, or all at once, BUT we can begin to make a different step by small step, and day by day. Just think before doing.

Bart Stevens (CENTURY 21 Nason, Winslow) is the 2009 President of the Maine Chapter of CRS and Treasurer of MREIS

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