Tuesday, August 12, 2008

What's hyper local blogging?

Maine REALTOR Jim Cosgrove's company blog (Newcastle Square Realty, Damariscotta) was recently featured on a popular business blog as an example of "hyper local blogging" -- Meaning, providing content that shows many features of a local area - neighborhoods, towns, events.

Jim explains in the comments section: "We quickly decided that writing about homes was just going to be more of the same old same old so we started to talk about our area and that seemed to resonate. We have a lot of summer residents and they let us know that they really enjoyed keeping up with the goings on here in the winter. To date our most commented on post is still the one where we complained about the small size of the town Christmas tree one winter. (I think I used the phrase 'size does matter')."

Are you showing and/or discussing your local area in your blog?


Mindy Allen said...

That's a great idea! When I started I tried focusing on a specific niche and just could find enough to write regularly about so I eventually went a bit more general in my approach. That is me though, if there is enough going on in your area local is the way to go!

Monika said...

Hyper Local is the way to go. My blog is very hyper local and the results are fantastic. The trick is to keep at it.

Andrew Mooers said...

For too long brokers have shown a picture of an empty home and rooms with a write up. With video, show the area with community videos..that is the flavor of Maine. Have over 300 videos on You Tube alone and over 700 blog posts on Active Rain alone selling the great state of Maine!