Saturday, August 23, 2008

NAR Leadership Summit - Developing as Leaders and FRIENDS

Cornelia Stockman reports: Each year NAR brings together the president-elects of the state associations, local boards and multiple listing services in Chicago to learn industry trends, new programs, and an outlook on the coming year when each will serve in president positions within the REALTOR organization.

Eight Maine REALTORS - the president-elects of Local Boards/Councils, MAR and MREIS - and 3 Association Executives (administrators) gathered for this year's NAR Leadership Summit in Chicago.

In the process of learning, listening and sharing, we developed as FRIENDS. There was the inspiration, the achievements, and the invitation to reach higher and grow stronger as individuals and as a group.

Instead of the media's "doom & gloom", we heard the real facts and forecasts from the best people in NAR. Reality testing by looking into past performance and designing for the future, remember there is “pent up demand” for housing was emphasized by speaker after speaker.

The quality of the speakers' presentations and the strength of authors reached into the past from Aristotle to Eisenhower and displayed the "big" picture. I loved the new NAR programs such as "Selling Green" and the “FHA Toolkit" to support what REALTORS in the present need; adapting to change, accommodating to the possibilities. The excellence of changes in are a great source of in-depth information.

To sum up the NAR Leadership Summit:

F – Facts, FHA, Food, FUN
R – Responsible, resources
I – Innovators & innovation
E – Encouragement & enthusiasm
N – New programs of NAR
DDo's & don'ts – legalities
S – Style & Success

The best of the best was all around us for the 2 days.

REALTOR Cornelia Stockman (Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage, Kennebunk) will be the 2009 President of the York County Council of MAR. Pictured above: Chicago skyline; Tim Dunham (Pres-Elect, Androscoggin Valley); Kathy Townsend (Pres-Elect, Gr Portland), Kristine Triglione (Pres-Elect, Western Maine); Kelley Craig (Gr Portland AE), Cornelia Stockman; Tim Dunham, Helen Fox (Pres-Elect, Merrymeeting), Marcia Bartol (Bangor AE). Not pictured, but attending: Rita Yarnold (MAR Pres-Elect), Jack Taylor (MREIS Pres-Elect), Ken Duke (MREIS), Delores Landry (Bangor Pres-Elect)

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Maine REALTOR Andy Mooers said...

Refreshing to hear of need to avoid the "gloom and doom" media rant on market conditions that are dire in some areas of the country but don't apply to every corner of the market. However, MAR's press release on market in Maine starts with worst first..and avoids the positive that should have headlined. For example, same release could have started that Washington County is ahead of last year's sales, then gone on to Aroostook County only be off 5 home sales for sale period..and made into those bright spots with a little about the less than rosy numbers in other areas. Maine has 16 counties..and like a relay team...shine on the areas that are positive and promote those. REALTORS can be as bad as the media and assume the same song if we are not careful.