Monday, June 30, 2008

A Night of Winners ... well, except the Sea Dogs

Cindy Butts reports:
MAR announced the winners of the "Your Piece of Maine" YouTube contest during the pre-game of the June 28 Sea Dogs game ....

Driving towards Portland on Saturday afternoon it was clear the rain was going to continue. A cool, continuous rain .... which doesn't encourage arriving early for a game. "Your Piece of Maine" tee shirts and a giant cardboard check were in danger of being drenched by the rain, but fortunately it was also Hannaford employee night -- they had a TENT set up, and generously let MAR staff store everything someplace dry.

It was fairly easy to find the contest winners, as many of them starred in their winning videos (we told them to meet us out front - a good idea when it's NOT raining) -- Grand Prize winner Brett Slater, Second Prize winner Lorraine Aromando, one of the Third Prize winners Jon Wadick (with ADORABLE son Logan who starred in the "Logan's Piece of Maine" video), and Callie Pecunies, the REALTOR winner.

Our YPOM Spokesperson Michelle Flaherty immediately knew to put the script in waterproof plastic ... and joined MAR Patti Lawton and the contestants on the field for the presentation. Michelle sounded GREAT over the stadium sound system (she has been a STAR in this whole experience) - and told everyone in the stands she hoped they too found their Piece of Maine.

The contestants clearly THRILLED to get their checks from Patti .... And then the GRAND PRIZE video played on the BIG screen. It was really, really cool to see it there - And as I sat in my very wet General Admission seat saw the row in front of me (the public) SWAYING along with the song!

Big thanks to the REALTOR members and Kelley Craig, AE for the Greater Portland Board, who braved the rain, sat ON their dry YPOM tee shirts (a very welcome use!), and cheered on our contest winners!

A NIGHT OF WINNERS ... well, except the Sea Dogs ... (they lost 7-4) .... and except my husband ... (who lost a beer when the uber-enthusiastic Sea Dogs mascot Slugger ran by - accidentally hitting his "beer arm".)

MAR looks forward to what the members might do in the future with video to help people get their own piece of Maine ....

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