Saturday, August 6, 2011

In Memory: REALTOR Wayne Syphers

Maine REALTOR Wayne Syphers passed away on July 16, 2011. Wayne was a beloved part of the REALTOR family: the Greater Portland Board of REALTORS (GPBR) 2011 REALTOR of the Year, past GPBR president, past MAR Legislative Chairman and member of our Board of Directors. He was a wonderful man and volunteer leader.

In tribute, here are thoughts from GPBR AE Kelley Craig: "I feel so fortunate that I was able to work with Wayne Syphers. His quiet competence and unyielding enthusiasm were matched only by his sincerity and level of commitment. He was one of the warmest people I’ve ever met. Wayne, the pleasure was all ours."

And this poem written by MAR President Mike LePage, originally for Wayne's REALTOR of the Year celebration:

"Wayne was 'the Man' as my son would say
As he understood life in a special way
Wayne always put others first indeed
Be it client, REALTOR or a friend in need.

He did it so quietly but I know you heard
'How are YOU doing' he’d ask with kind thoughtful words
Yeah how you doing as he’d just gone through something rough
Yes our Wayne Syphers was . . . very very tough

Tough of spirit oh yes no matter how grim
but tough with words? no that’s wasn’t him
He’d listen he’d think he’d solve til everyone would win.

We learn in the business by watching others perform
And Wayne’s performance was way above the norm
From his contributions to Windham and the retroactive moratorium defeat
To Chairing the Legislative Committee his actions are hard to beat.

Wayne cared about this business for you and for me
And he gave of his time so readily
Many are invited to serve – some say yes, some say no
But with Wayne he was always revved up to go.

So on behalf of your clients, colleagues and friends
We want to say you are missed but your impact will never end.
Cause Wayne, You were the Man there’s no doubt
You showed so well what life is all about."

Ah Wayne, we'll miss you.

Pictured: Wayne Syphers with Senator Olympia Snowe


Bill Trask, CRB, CRS said...

Wayne you were absolutely the best of the best and one of a kind. I am proud to have called you a friend and a mentor.

Laurie Brady said...

Wayne was one of a kind and truly a man full of integrity. He always did the right thing (especially when noone was looking!) I will miss him terribly.